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Natural Images Landscaping Inc. offers complete Landscape design and installation. With all the colors and textures that nature offers from plants, trees, stones and water... a landscape becomes a piece of art surrounding your home. With our knowledge of the North Fork environment, we can help you create a beautiful landscape that will thrive, be it seaside, full sun or deep in the woods... we will create a one of a kind design that you will love.

Landscape Design is so much more then plants... we also specialize in stone patios, retaining walls, rock gardens and water gardens... carefully thought out and placed, these can become a natural part of your landscape adding even more beauty and tranquility.

Our goal is for your yard and landscaping to become an extension of your home, a natural place that you can enjoy everyday.

• Sod or Seed Lawns

• Perennials & Annuals

• Ornamental Trees & Shrubs

• Transplanting

• Rock Gardens

• Decks & Patios

• Fences

• Driveways & Walkways

• Retaining Walls

• Arbors, Trellises & Planters

• Ponds, Fountains & Water Displays

• and Much More

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